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Asphalt Control Systems 


                         Motor Control Centre                                   Cold Feed and Post Drum Mixer


               Control panels are operating consoles for the handling of various controls. The motor control centre handles

                    motor and baghouse functions. The panel centralizes the stop/start for all motor except those controlled by the

                    cold feed panel. The cold feed control handles material flow out of the bins. The control of the aggregate can be

                    in sequence  with the plant's production rate, assuring steady production. Precise process control assures

                    consistent product quality.


                         Silo Loadout                                                           Drum Mix Control



                  The silo control controls all silo operations and can be used to load out the mix. The silo control has a start/stop

                  for traverse conveyor motors, controls silo heat and is used to select storage bins. The drum mix control allows

                  automatic plant operation. It consist of a truck scale system for complete truck management. The system is

                  easy to operate and has a hard disk drive stores data and programs. (custom installation in control trailer).


                          Batch Control                                                                 Complete Control System



                  The batch control system controls all batching, mixing and management information for a asphalt plant.

                  It controls the plant, silos and provides inventory and prints reports. The system can provide many

                  options cold feed control, RAP added at the hot elevator, silo loadout,  ship/receive scale interface.





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