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Rebuilt Equipment

Our technicians are experts at repairing and revitalizing every type of equipment ever made ... giving you the highest

performance possible for your investment. We know that codes are most rigidly enforced and when daily production

is a basic financial necessity. We manufacture new equipment or rebuild and update your existing equipment, so we

know what works best. We manufacture new equipment or rebuild to tour exact requirements. We offer design,

manufacturing, installation and service to meet your needs.

Our personnel are factory and field experienced and can visit your site, gather technical information, take necessary

measurements to provide you with recommendations, quotations, repairs and quality new and rebuilt equipment.

        Before and After


                                  Hot Mix Storage Silo completely rebuilt


                               Pavers completely overhauled                                   Loader -fire damage completely overhauled


                              Screeds completely overhauled                               Drilling Rig - fire damage completely overhauled


                  Complete control system supplied and installed to customer specifications.

                      We remove and install liners for silo's, drag conveyors, traverse conveyors, batchers, chutes and gates.


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