Road Equipment Service Co. Ltd.

Manufacturer of Equipment for Aggregate and Asphalt Plants











Road Equipment is a diversified organization with the expertise to offer complete alloy design, fabrication,

installation, repairs, parts, plant controls and excellent service expressly for the aggregate and asphalt  producers.


From a 1984 start-up, Road Equipment is a customer - driven organization. By listening to its customers, 

and having complete knowledge about every aspect of their business, Road Equipment is able to provide

 solutions that solve our customers problems.


  Road Equipment fabricates and repairs equipment on-site and in our factory. With over 24 years of experience in the industry

              Road Equipment  continually and successfully services major companies. We custom build for other manufactures…perhaps

              you already have some of our equipment manufactured by us.


              Our technicians are experts at repairing and revitalizing all makes of plants and paving equipment...giving you the highest performance

              possible for your investment to help you run efficiently and profitably. Our technicians are also trained in computerized control systems

              to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your plant. Customer service, communication, resourceful design, quality equipment,

              trained service technicians and conscientious employees combine forces to make us synonymous with the best, guaranteeing quality and           

competitive pricing throughout the industry.


Road Equipment continues to strive for new techniques and improved solutions.  We look forward to

serving you today and tomorrow with solutions, quality equipment and excellent service.


Whatever the project requirement, we offer a solution from design, fabrication and installation.        

AC Tanks - AC Pump Skids - Aggregate Dryers & Mixing Drums - Baghouses - Conveyors - Cyclones        

Cold Feed Systems - Duct Work - Elevators - Mineral Filler Systems - Post Drum Mixers

Recycle BinSystems - Storage Silos System - Industrial Automation Process Controls

Pavers (complete overhaul) - Rebuild/Modify Equipment - Plant (relocate, disassemble and assemble)                    


Our personnel are factory and field experienced and can visit your plant, gather technical information, take neccessary

measurements to provide you with recommendations, quotations,repairs,and quality equipment.


Road Equipment delivers the equipment and service to change "Hard Rock to Black Top"

Road Equipment Service Co. Ltd.

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